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System Element is a program that will provide you with all the information you need to know about your system. It will show you every aspect of your software and hardware configurations, running processes, startup programs, active services, and open ports. This free tool will also let you tweak your system. You will be able to change the Operating System's owner, the system date and time, set the display properties, menu effects, font smoothing details, and mouse and keyboard settings. You can also enable or disable autoplay on some drives, and set how will your taskbar look. You can alter the logon details and change your Internet Explorer settings. The "Clean" command allows you to wipe out temporary files, system update backups, empty your recycle bin and clipboard, as well as histories, searches and cookies. Besides showing you the programs that are run on startup, System Element will let you enable or disable each program independently, or simply uninstall that entry. The program will also show you the free space available on each drive, information about the memory installed in your system, your monitor details, and your network settings.

Systems: Windows

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